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There is nothing more painful than an untold story…

Listen to industry leaders share their stories of success from the entertainment world.

From laser to live events, to film and everything in between…

Beam Brush #1 Strategy To Paint With Laser Light By ArgonTV

We provide creative solutions!

We connect industry leaders, corporations and suppliers to their customers and global audiences through powerful interview style videos and magazines!

How Lighting Lab Can Help The Events Industry With ArgonTV

Promote Your Company

If you are a events related leader, company, service provider and want to promote yourself to an international audience…

Then we create video format interview chat shows with you for your marketing…

How To Get A Laser Variance With ArgonTV

Learn From Leaders

If you are in the events industry and looking for help, information about products and services or to connect with suppliers…

Then watch our videos and find out all the latest news and gossip in the industry…

Light Painting With ArgonTV

Enjoy Community

If want to connect with other event people around the world, then ArgonTV is the place for you to hang out… 

In the coming weeks we will be building a full community where you can connect…


We interview some of the greatest industry leaders so you get to hear all the best news and advice direct form the eexpert sourse


Not only can you get help and support from us, but we can also connect you into our growing community for extra support


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Promote your service or product…

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they won’t buy from you…

Reach event decision makers on a global scale and let them see your products and services…

Laserlink Marco Stumpel For ArgonTV
Microfogger 2 Ivan Avanesov With Argon-TV

Looking for the latest event tools?

Looking for the latest gadgets, tools and equipment to make your shows even better?

Find what you are looking for here at ArgonTV…



Look who we interviewed recently…

William Benner
Pangolin Laser Systems

William Benner discusses Beam Brush and painting with laser light

Roberta McHatton
Laser Safety Services

Is your laser show safe? Find out in the lively discussion with Roberta McHatton

Lewie Wilkinson
3D Laser Artist

Lewie Wilkinson’s 3D laser art is  completely unique… Be amazed here…

Michal Rezek
Kvant Show Production

Michal Rezek of Kvant Show Production talks about creating amazing shows…

Tim Walsh
Laser Spectacles

Tim Walsh dives into laser projections on buildings and laser mapping

Doug McCullough
Laser Show Design

Doug McCullough shares amazing stories about Planetarium laser light shows…


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Tim Bennett and ArgonTV are doing a great service for the laser show industry, and I am happy to be a part of it.

I found Tim easy to work with and a great interviewer!

Tim Walsh

Laser Spectacles

I’ve been watching a lot of your new videos on ArgonTV and it’s been an amazing source to learn from and get some insight being new in this industry.

Just want to say thank you for doing this and keep up the awesome work!

Wim Kimenai

DJ / Producer at Navion

ArgonTV and Tim help to lead the way with valuable information and insights into the wonderful world of laser show art and I for one am glad to have contributed my experience and time in an effort to help our laser show industry come together…

rad Drobny - RadLab Lasers
Rad Drobny

RadLab Lasers

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Our Team

With over 30 years experience in the live events industry,
our team are passion driven entertainers who love to help you!

Tim Bennett

“I love to make people say WOW and just help them forget their daily issues with great entertainment!” 

Jane Ido

“Dancing and entertainment allows me to express the beauty within me – It’s my life and I share with you”

Listen in to our latest interviews…

Every week we update with new conversations with industry leaders…
Who would you like to listen to today?

How To Finance A Film With Tom Malloy

Fund Your Next Movie? A Guide To The Basics of Film Finance

Film Finance, according to a recent survey I held on Facebook last year, with a number of directors groups, is the number one problem that directors, on a worldwide basis are suffering from. Discover How Tom Malloy Raised $20M

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The Art Of Film Finding With Carole Dean

The Art Of Film Funding – With Carole Dean

The Art Of Film Funding – With Carole Dean – Want money for your next film? Then listen in to Carole as she shares amazing ideas…

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Maximize Film Product Placement With Susan Ashbrook

Film Product Placement – Is it a solution for Film Finance?

Film Product Placement and celebrity product placement…It seems to be one of the latest crazes in advertising, but does it really work?
Tonight, we have a very special guest; Susan Ashbrook and we’re gonna discuss ‘Will Work for Shoes’.
Very amazing title and we’ll find out what’s that all about soon.

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Listen In To This Weeks Interview

How To Get A
Laser Variance?

It’s a legal requirement in the U.S

Grant Kondourajian from GK Lighting
shows you how to get one

If you love laser, you will want to watch this…
Lewie Wilkinson 3D Laser Art - With ArgonTV

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