Laser Dancers Awesome Secrets That Are Unbelievably Exciting

Laser Dancers Awesome Secrets That Are Unbelievably Exciting

Brandy Alexander - Cover Photo

Laser Dancers Awesome Secrets That Are Unbelievably Exciting 

With Brandy Alexander

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Laser Dancers Awesome Secrets That Are Unbelievably Exciting 

With Brandy Alexander


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Laser Dancers Awesome Secrets That Are Unbelievably Exciting 

With Brandy Alexander


Tim Bennett: A laser dancer is very unique and it really adds a dimension to a laser show, which can otherwise seem very cold and static.


Now I’ve been working with lasers for years…


I absolutely love laser to death, but sometimes laser can be very cold.


But the human element adds a whole different dimension to it and today we are blessed to have a very unique dancer, laser dancer with us and she’s going to share some of her tricks and tips and going to show us some of her stuff that she does.


And we’re going to get back to Brandy in just a moment, but first welcome to ArgonTV.


I am Tim Bennett your host and we’re here with another episode and as I say, today we’re talking about laser dancers and it’s really unique.


I’ve been using it for a long, long time, many years now, I’ve been having the human element in my shows and I just think it adds a whole different element to the show and I love it, audiences love it, I love it and I think it’s really really fantastic, so it gives me great pleasure to welcome to ArgonTV our very own laser dancer… please welcome ladies and gentlemen Brandy Alexander.


Brandy, how are you? Welcome to ArgonTV.


Brandy Alexander: Thank you very much.


Tim Bennett: It’s absolutely great to have you here and I’m really excited about this, because I’ve been looking at some of your Facebook pages and some of your photos and everything and as I said when we first met just now, it looks like blacklight has taken over your house!


Brandy Alexander: Yes that is true.


I would say almost every room in my house is UV lit.


Tim Bennett: That’s really cool.


So tell us a little bit about yourself.


I mean what inspired you in the beginning… go back to the beginning and when you started dancing, when you started with lasers, what inspired you to do all of that?


Laser Dancer on ArgonTV


Brandy Alexander: Well, I actually… we would be going back to the 90s, because that’s when I started listening to electronic music and attending rave parties and dancing and I think that maybe the first show, laser show that I ever saw, was probably in 1998 or 99 in Phoenix, Arizona and I just… it was mind-boggling to me.


I had never seen anything so beautiful and it was one of those things where I loved it and it seemed unobtainable.


It seemed like you know, these these magicians they do these lasers and I did never think that I would have the opportunity to be able to be one of those people myself and it turns out you know, that if you set your mind to things that you can make them happen.


Tim Bennett: Absolutely!


You know I think this is a very special moment and I’ve had a few guests on the show who have talked about this moment when you first see laser and it definitely happened to me.


My story is I used to own a club in England.


I bought a club in England and I very naively had no idea what I was doing and we were talking to the DJ and he said “you know I have a laser here” and I said “what’s a laser?” and we turned it on and “oh my God…” I fell in love with laser and that was it.


I had a laser and I’ve been in the laser industry ever since and it’s changed my life and I think it’s brilliant and I think you have this special moment, where you see a laser for the first time and it makes this huge impact on us and then we just go crazy for it and do something about it.


It sounds like that’s what happened to you.


Brandy Alexander: Absolutely!


So I, you know, if you fast forward through the years I started a production company, we started throwing Psytrans parties in Mexico and I did that for about 10 years and then decided to move to the U.S.


Because I was living in Mexico at the time and that was fabulous, but when I got here it was like a whole new… a whole new scene.


The music industry here in Colorado is one of the best in the world.


We have you know, top-notch lighting crews.


Everybody who’s anybody tours here and it’s really an epicenter for music and that’s when I actually started becoming friends with people that do lasers and checking out the equipment and seeing that, you know, it could be a possibility for me to be able to do that too and so you know, anybody who does who does lasers knows that it’s not cheap.


So it is a very expensive hobby and I invested a lot into it.


I have two 10 watts and two 11 watt lasers, that I own of my own and if I bring you over here, I can show you.


I’ve got a controller, the APC 40 controller and I run everything on Beyond.


So you know, just putting together all of that equipment was like a massive jump you know.


It was like “okay I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna be a laserist.”


And I got my variance and I got my lasers and I started doing events and it was going really well for me.


The last event big event that I got to do before the pandemic was Carl Cox.


I did lasers for Carl Cox and I was you know, I was right there.


The Crystal Method I was going to be doing a booking for for them for an upcoming event right after that and then it all just got shut down, you know, from the pandemic.


So it was a little bit crushing, just because I had invested so much time and energy and passion and all of that and to just be like “okay!


Now what am I gonna do?


I’m stuck in my house, with all of this amazing equipment.


So how can I be creative?


How can I… how can I still do something beautiful and amazing with these, you know, concert quality lasers in my little tiny house” and that’s when I started doing photography.


Setting up my lasers and taking pictures and taking pictures with them and dancing with them and just trying to be as creative as I can, because not everybody has access to this kind of equipment.


You know, I mean it’s something that’s really special and I didn’t want to just waste it.


I didn’t want it sitting here gathering dust and making me feel sad.


So I started my project called “Laser Thumper” and and I just you know, rather than then be bummed out, did that.


Tim Bennett: Well that’s actually how we met.


I saw one of your photos on a page dedicated to lasers.


I won’t say exactly which page it was and I was very impressed.


I mean it was such an eye-catching photo.


In fact, this is the photo here that I saw.


Laser Dancers - Brandy Alexander on ArgonTV

And as I scrolled down through the comments, I saw your comment in relation to some other people’s comments.


You were kind of a little upset that people were focusing on, I don’t like to say negative, but they were focusing, not on your creativity, not on your moving forward and taking advantage of what you have in your house.


Some people were saying some comments that we’re really just downright disrespectful and then there are other people who were really having a go at you about the laser safety. 


I messaged you and said you know, “don’t let the bastards get you down,” because some people will, you know, no matter what you do, you’ll never make everyone happy.


So I just ignore those people, but I thought it’d be good to discuss the the side of it that we just mentioned briefly, which is your variance and the laser safety.


I’m pretty sure that you’re doing a safe laser show yes?


Brandy Alexander: I am absolutely doing a safe laser show.


I do hold my own variance and I do take things like that very, very seriously.


I have top of the line, you know, laser safety goggles that I did a lot of research on and I actually use goggles not glasses so they are strapped down to my face.


They can’t come off.


They can’t you know, while I’m moving and dancing they can’t do anything like that and I still never look directly into my lasers.


I don’t care what glasses you have, I’ve got an 11 watt laser blasting at me.


I’m not gonna look straight into it, but I will say that the photograph that you showed, I couldn’t even see the lasers through the glasses, in the picture.


I can’t see them.


It’s like they’re just gone.


So they’re definitely working and I love my eyes.


I would never do something that that would put myself in harm’s way.


I understand that you know, that so.


Tim Bennett: Yeah and you did actually reach out to other people for like professional help didn’t you?


Brandy Alexander: Absolutely.


I did not just go into it thinking you know, I’ll just find a random pair of glasses and put them on. I reached out to the people in my community, that I trust the most and I asked them what they think would be the safest way to go and that’s how I ended up with the… I think they’re Noir Lasers N-O-I-R.


Laser Shields is the actual name of the company and I have their web page pulled up right here and there, I don’t know if you can even see it or if it would be something that you would do, but there this is where I purchased my goggles from and and they’re a great company, because they make so many different styles.


You can get them in goggles, you can get them in glasses, you can get them really big and really small and just you know, whatever suits your face.


So I think it’s kind of a neat company.


Cool and if you shoot me the link later on, I’ll actually include that in the interview so people can see it and find it.


Tim Bennett: Yeah and that’s brilliant so great.


You know, I think you know anyone who would look into an 11 watt laser directly, must be kind of insane anyway!


Brandy Alexander: And I wouldn’t do that.


Tim Bennett: There are some people, there are some people just love to spoil a party, so great.


So you’re gonna do like a little show for us or something?


Is that right?


Brandy Alexander: Well, I was gonna show you a couple of my cues.


I’m not set up right now to do, like to actually be dancing with my lasers, because I have to set them up on the floor for that, but I would be happy to record a clip for you and send it to you if you’d like to add it.


Tim Bennett: Oh that’d be brilliant, yes please!


Brandy Alexander: But I just, i don’t have them down on the floor right now.


I don’t like to put them there, because you know, they’re dangerous.


Tim Bennett: Yeah yeah


Brandy Alexander and Blacklight Lighting


Brandy Alexander: I was actually gonna do a pretty big show this last weekend and then unfortunately, I was not feeling well, because I got my shot.


Tim Bennett: Yeah I heard you got zapped.


Brandy Alexander: Yeah, Yeah and it just really kicked my butt.


I don’t know if you’ve gotten your vaccination or not.


Tim Bennett: I haven’t yet I’m in a part of the world where it’s not easily available…


And actually going back to when you were talking about all your equipment and everything earlier, it’s actually quite rare to see a female in this industry carrying around lasers and setting them up and doing what you’re doing, so you know, that’s awesome that you’re doing that!


Brandy Alexander: Right that’s what you know, I mean and you would think that people would be a little bit more encouraging, but I will say one thing that I’ve noticed like in a lot of different forums and stuff like that.


When I you know, when I say I’ll make a post or something like that and before I get a chance to even answer any questions or anything like that, people will come in and just answer for me you know, and not really give me a chance to talk about it or about what I’m doing or what I think or anything like that.


So I think that would be like a really great thing if you know, if people could be a little bit more willing to let women have a voice sometimes and not just answer our questions for us, because you know, we might have something interesting to say.


Tim Bennett: Absolutely, but I think it’s awesome what you’re doing you know, which is why you’re on the program.


I saw the photos, I saw some of the stuff you’re doing and I thought you deserve to be here and share your talent and the whole concept of ArgonTV is actually to help people, especially during this difficult time, get their message out and share your stories.


What you’re doing right now is brilliant.


I love this.


You know I’ve had lasers for a long long time, but I don’t have any with me here right now…


Brandy Alexander: Oh no


Tim Bennett: I know it’s driving me crazy and I can’t get any all the shipping is closed down at the moment and we’re in lockdown you know.


Brandy Alexander: I know it is so hard.


Tim Bennett: Yeah this is cool.


What do your family think of this?


Brandy Alexander: They are so supportive everyone has just been really amazing with me on this.


It’s you know, like I said, it’s not inexpensive of a hobby and so, you have to, you really have to… you skimp in some places, in order to be able to afford it in others.


So we’ve made sacrifices so that I could do it and I’m really blessed to have a family that’s supportive of me in that way.


Tim Bennett: That’s brilliant, I tell you yeah, that’s really fantastic!


And then I know, when I do have like shows going on before, I mean we haven’t done a show this year or even even last year, it’s been about 18 months since I’ve actually done a show, but while we were doing shows, you know, everyone wanted to be my friend and get free tickets and come around and things like that and I’m sure you get the same yeah?


Brandy Alexander: Oh yeah!


Tim Bennett: Yeah I’d like to hang out in that room!


I’ve never been to Colorado, but I’m gonna have to come across sometime.


Brandy Alexander: You are more than welcome and I saw pictures of your beautiful wife too and yes horrible, I was like, “oh my gosh! look how beautiful she is!”


So you can bring her over and we can we can do lasers and hang out in Colorado.


Tim Bennett: She is beautiful!


That’s a great offer indeed.


I’ll say, I was in Bangkok airport one time and this American guy started… he goes “holy shit, you must be a hell of a salesman”


Brandy Alexander: Right…


Tim Bennett: And I said “I am absolutely yes!”


So brilliant.


So yeah we’d love to come over there one day.


So what tips have you got anyone who’s watching, like any girl or female who’s in the industry and thinking about doing what you’re doing…


What advice or tips would you give to them?


Brandy Alexander: I would say you know, follow your dreams and it’s definitely a field that is mainly men, you know, It’s a men’s game, it seems like and and we should change that.


We really should.


I would absolutely love to be part of an event that had more females in their lighting staff, because there’s just hardly ever any and you don’t have to wear just a black hoodie and hide in the back of a room, just because you’re on a lighting crew.


You can still stand out.


You can still be a dancer.


You can still be beautiful and do amazing wonderful things and be female and love lasers and be a laserist!


Like you can have all of those things!


Tim Bennett: Fantastic, I actually have five dancers in my crew.


They’re called the Argonettes and they’re a great team and one of the… one of my production managers and stage managers is female as well.


And she’s awesome and I like having the female, the girl around me because it brings a softer approach to things and a more, a more loving approach to things and you know the guys are hard you know, and we’re… but having having the girl around in the crew, it brings a… for me, I enjoy it… brings a softer approach to everything.


So it’s nice to have.


Yeah indeed so brilliant.


So what’s the future for you?


Where are you going with all this?


Brandy Alexander: Well I’m not completely sure yet, but I am working on moving down to Puerto Rico right now and relocating down to there and so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get into some events and and do some interesting things and bring nice lasers to Puerto Rico.


Yeah so!


Tim Bennett: That’s fantastic…. You get around a bit?


Brandy Alexander: Yeah for sure!


Tim Bennett: So what is it?


Just do you have like clients who, you know, they call you up and they hire you for an event or do you actually produce the event itself?


Brandy Alexander: I do produce some events, but I also get… I get called up you know, because I’ve only been doing lasers for a few years, a lot of times I get called in when somebody else cancels.


So that’s, you know, that’s some… that’s one way that, I like… that I’ve been able to pick up some gigs, but yeah, I mean, I’m part of the Burning Man community here in Colorado and so people know me and they know that, you know, if they have that need then, they can look me up and and I’ll do a show for them and I’m not as expensive as some other people so…


Tim Bennett: And for those people who don’t know what the Burning Man community is, what is that?


Brandy Alexander: Well burning man is an event that happens in the desert in Black Rock City, Nevada and it’s not a festival, it is an immersive art experience and you should really look it up, because there’s a lot more to it than I could explain myself, but our community believes in radical inclusion and self-reliance and leaving no trace and we have these set of principles that we follow and they really help you just be a better human.


So that’s, you know, that’s kind of you know, where I get a lot of of my inspiration.


Tim Bennett: Fantastic, well it’s always good to be a better human.


Could do a few more people like that!


Brandy Alexander: Yeah for sure!


Tim Bennett: Especially right now!


Brandy Alexander: Yeah!


Tim Bennett: Definitely well it’s great talking to you and I love what you’re doing.


I love all… I actually love blacklight.


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blacklight show, (in fact actually been a long time since I’ve done a show) but I love… I love the contrast of blacklight with lasers.


I think it’s a really beautiful element and what you’re doing is really fantastic.


So keep up the great work!


Brandy Alexander: Oh thank you so much, I really appreciate that…


Tim Bennett: And it’s been great having you here on ArgonTV and as if you can shoot me that little video, I’d really appreciate it.


We’ll embed it in this so that people can see.


Now if people want to get in touch with you what’s the best way to do it?


Is it through Facebook?


Brandy Alexander: I would actually… my Instagram would probably be the best way to get in touch with me and to also follow my project and and see my work, which would just be a Laser Thumper.


Tim Bennett: Okay great, so on Instagram you are Laser Thumper?


Brandy Alexander: Yes, yes!


Tim Bennett: Okay I will track you down and join you on Instagram.


Perfect Fantastic.


Well Brandy, thank you very much for being here with us today.


You’re our very first laser dancer to be interviewed on the channel, so that’s awesome and I wish you great success in the future with all your projects.


Please keep in touch and you know if you have any updates and stuff that you want to send me over, you know shoot stuff over anytime, we’ll also include you in this month’s magazine, which I’m just getting ready to create and it’s been great talking to you.


Brandy Alexander: Great to talk to you as well.


Tim Bennett: So thank you for being here with us everybody.


I’ve been talking to the one and only the very beautiful and amazing Brandy Alexander, who’s our… now our resident laser dancer and we’ll see you all again very, very soon in another exciting episode here at ArgonTV.


Until then have a great day




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Brandy Alexander - Cover Photo

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