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Madvisuals Vj Show

Madvisuals Vj Show – From Palma De Mallorca, Spain creating amazing visuals and animation. It will make you amazed!

The Allan Carter Show

The Allan Carter Show – Possible The Best Music you Heard Today! Be on of the first to hear showman Allan Carter’s music

LaserLewDude’s Laser Art Is Too Good To Be True

LaserLewDude’s Laser Art is too good to be true! See laser used in a way that will completely blow your mind! If you want to see something new with laser art then this is it…

The Jarek Kral Show – With Wicked Lasercubes

The Jarek Kral Show – Jarek is in love with the Lasercube, a powerful mobile laser from Wicked Lasers with Laser Show Gen Software

2020 ILDA Awards – 19 Fascinating Reasons Why People Love The Awards

2020 ILDA Awards: 19 Fascinating Reasons Why People Love 2020 ILDA Awards. Be amazed by the 1st place winners of this years ILDA awards.

The Kirtapnichiyobi Show

The Kirtapnichiyobi Show – A new and budding animation from the Philippines is sharing his work with us to inspire us all

Filmmaking Stuff HQ – With Tom Malloy

Filmmaking Stuff – With Tom Malloy who has raised over $25 million to produce over a dozen films during his career. Need film funding? Then these videos are for you…

Show Calling For Conferences And Events

Show Calling For Conferences And Events – Show calling is not just about “lights, camera, action” or In 3, 2, 1…. It’s much more!

Fund Your Next Movie? A Guide To The Basics of Film Finance

Film Finance, according to a recent survey I held on Facebook last year, with a number of directors groups, is the number one problem that directors, on a worldwide basis are suffering from. Discover How Tom Malloy Raised $20M

The Art Of Film Funding – With Carole Dean

The Art Of Film Funding – With Carole Dean – Want money for your next film? Then listen in to Carole as she shares amazing ideas…