How To Learn Animation Online

How To Learn Animation Online

How To Learn Animation Online With ArgonTV

How To Learn Animation Online


In our last discussion, you discovered the 5 reasons you should take an online course in animation.


If you missed it, then check it out here.


In this post, you will get to see some of the current animation courses online that are available for you.


And you can get started with today.


1 - Blender



You can download Blender for free here


Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite.


With Blender you can produce everything from modeling to animation.


You can also create 2D animation and also it is a video editor.


Here is something you probably didn't know, but The name Blender was inspired by a song by the Swiss electronic band Yello, from the album Baby.


Yello Blender

Yello blender From the Baby Album


Blender 2.93 was released in late May and this will be a (Long-term Support) release. That means this version will be maintained for two years.


If you want to check all the future developments you can visit here, but Blender is an amazing program which I recently downloaded myself.



Blender Animation Course


Get Started Here Today With Blender

Blender Animation Course


A step-by-step course to character animation with Blender


What Will You Learn?



We'll start by going over the Blender interface and understanding how to manipulate objects in our scene, then we'll cover all major animation tool like dope sheet, the graph editor, and learn how to create and use keyframes.

 Setting Up A Scene

We'll set up a scene from scratch and do all the presentation for animating it, like importing a rig, creating a camera and getting the right settings set up for animation.

Animating A Shot

We'll then jump in and actually animate an entire shot from start to finish. We'll sketch the poses with the Blender grease pencil tool, block our shot, spline it, polish it and see how all the tools we've learned are being used in production.


When the shot is done, we'll go over some render settings, just enough so you can export a great looking shot with minimal effort.


Get Started Here Today With Blender



2 - Adobe Animate CC


A must-have for animation. You can get it here at the Adobe portal


Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash Pro) is easy to use.


It utilizes a system of layers and an easy to understand timeline.


If you are creative, then Adobe Animate CC is for you.


Produced by Adobe, it has the support you will need.


Animate CC has many uses including animation, game development and interactive projects.


Adobe Animate is powerful and has a free trial for you to get familiar with it, but then has a monthly subscription.


You can create original content or import from Photoshop or Illustrator.


Animate CC lets you design animation and add video and sound.


Use Animate CC to:


- Build innovative and immersive websites;


- To create stand-alone applications for the desktop;


- To create apps to distribute to mobile devices running on the Android or the iOS system.


It comes with many controls for animation and intuitive and flexible drawing tools.


Animate CC is a massive program and you might need help getting started...



Adobe Animate CC training


Get Started Here With Adobe CC Training


Adobe Animate


Cool animations for YouTube, or 2D frame-by-frame animation for commercial use.


Made for Animators


This course was designed for aspiring animators, or professional animators.


Adobe Animate is simple to learn, but hard to master. 


This training will allow you to complete the journey of making great animation.


You will see how simple it is to get amazing results.


What Will You Learn?



First you get a tour of the interface. You will discover how to use the drawing tools and symbols. You will also understanding the timeline and work with colors.

Animation Principles

You will find basic principles of animation, like timing and spacing.


Hand-drawn Animation

You get to dive straight into the nitty gritty of animating your first shot. Start using hand drawn, frame by frame animation. Finish with key posing to cleanup to final color.

Bezier Curves With Animation Animating with Tweens

You will then learn the art of tweening. This is one of Animate's most powerful tools. This includes motion tween, classic tween and shape tween.

Storyboards and Animatic

Storyboarding is important. In this section you will see how to compile a storyboard. Also you will create an animatic directly in Animate. We'll add some sound, and prepare our scene for final animation.

Animating A Rigged Character Animating a Rigged Character

And finally you get to animate your second shot. You will use a rigged character instead of frame-by-frame animation. You will rig the character from scratch as well as cover the process of lip-syncing.


Are you ready to get started?




3 - Adobe Character Animation

Animate in real time...


This looks cool to me... Check it out here


Character Animator uses your expressions and movements to animate characters in real time.


It’s so fast, you can livestream while you work to wow audiences every step of the way.


Using your webcam and microphone, Character Animator matches your expressions.


From syncing lips to tracking eyes — to animate in real time.


Turn any art into an animated character with your webcam, powered by Adobe Sensei AI. Import art from Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, or start with built-in character templates.


Again this comes from Adobe, so has tremendous support.


However it comes with a monthly subscription.


Character Animator Animation Course


Get Started Here


Adobe Animate CC Training


Animate in real-time, using your own face. No animation skills required.


Anyone can become an animator


Designed for aspiring/professional animators. This course is ideal for you even if you never tried before. You can use your webcam and microphone to drive the character performance.


No key-framing necessary.


This is the EASIEST way to get started with animation.


It uses groundbreaking technology that lets anyone become an animator.


What Will You Learn?



Key Concepts

You will start by understanding how Adobe Character Animator works. Training begins with an explanation of the interface. Learn how layer names and tags work, as well as the triggers, physics and custom behaviors.


Face Rig

Face Rig

Next learn the process of rigging the character's face. This includes advanced eye techniques. Also mouth and lip-sync, jaw animation and head turns. You can also create custom art styles for use with the Characterizer feature.


Body Rig

Body Rig

After finishing the facial rig, we'll cover the body mechanics. Discover how to create animation triggers for body actions. Also add a breathing behavior. Create and setup a walk cycle, and use magnets for interacting with objects.

Animating The Shot

Animating a Shot

You will get to see the entire process of creating an animated shot. From working in passes to record and adjust lip-sync. Also animate different parts of the body. You will learn how to change backgrounds. Add particles and exporting a finished scene.


Tips And Tweaks

Advanced Tips & Tricks

You will learn advanced techniques. This includes: Using a fader; Rigging a 3D model; Animating particles; Adding an auto blink; Adding a wiggler effects and creating parallax for the background.


Are you ready to get started?





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