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Light Painting Tools And Light Painting Tips That Will Inspire You – By ArgonTV

Light Painting With ArgonTV

Light Painting Tools And Light Painting Tips

With Hugo Baptista


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Do You Want Some Cool Light Painting Tools and Light Painting Techniques?

Watch the video above… Light Painting will blow your mind…



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Light Painting Tools And Light Painting Techniques


Tim Bennett: I have to admit, last week I almost new nothing about Light Painting.


Then I met Hugo Baptista on Facebook…


We started exchanging messages to prepare for this interview and i also found out he was Artist Of The Month, so check out his video below:



Light painting is a technique that uses long exposure photography.


The artist ‘paints’ by moving a light source, while the camera shutter is open for a long period of time.


It is also possible to move the camera if the light it static.


The light painting art form is nothing new.


It has actually been employed as an art since 1889 when Étienne-Jules Marey and Georges Demeny,  traced human motion in the first known light painting Pathological Walk From in Front.



Credit For The Photo to:

More recently light painting has become popular with artists as the availability of DSLR cameras became easier.


Also mobile phone technology improved allowing long exposure and better camera lenses as well as the availability of specialized apps.


Also light painting is relatively low in cost to get started as you can use almost any light source to experiment with.


As a result of this interview, I am going to try my hand at some light painting.


Light Painting Tools To Get You Started


Lightman By Hugo Baptista


One of the questions, I had for Hugo was what Light Painting Tools Do I Need to get started?


1 – A Camera with at least a 1 second long exposure…

2 – A shutter release cable (so you don’t move the camera) or a camera with a timer…

3 – A tripod to keep the camera steady…

4 – A light source…


This is kind of the minimum and during the video Hugo talks about some of the light sources he uses, but you really can almost use any light source.


As I researched I also found many cell phone apps etc.


I include a list of some of the light painting tools you can get:


Lightknife module for Long Exposure Light Painting Photography





Light Painting Universal Connector, long exposure night scene props





Black Fiber Optic brush module for Light painting





Light Painting Tool White Fiber Optic Brush





Lightpainting Lamp three-colour red blue green pen






Color Prism 40*40*180mm Optical Glass Rainbow Teaching Experiment Triangle Diamond Mirror Colorful Light Shooting Photography






Light Painting Techniques


Through my research I found there are 3 main types of Light Painting Techniques:

1 – The On Camera Light Source:


With this light painting technique, the light source is within the frame of the photo and the light source is moving, so as to paint with the light;


2 – The Off Camera Light Source:


This light painting technique is when the light source in not in the camera frame and is being shone onto an item. The light source is often behind or to the side of the camera;


3 – Kinetic Light Painting Photography:


This technique involves moving the camera rather than the light source.


Want to Become a Better Light Painter?


Whether you’re just starting out or have dreams of going professional, light painting requires plenty of practice and a healthy dose of creativity.


Hugo Baptista is one of the masters and if you would like more information from him simply fill out the form below and we will send you what you need…




Hugo’s Light Painting Gallery

Hugo Baptista - Light Painting Gallery Images

Hugo Baptista Light Painting Gallery

Hugo Baptista - Gallery Images

Light Painting Gallery With Hugo Baptista

Hugo Baptista - Light Painting

Hugo Baptista - Light Painting Techniques






Light Painting is amazing


I am looking forward to experimenting with this.


In the video above, it became clear to me that:


1 – It is easy to get started;

2 – It’s cheap to get started;

3 – The only thing stopping you is your imagination.


You probably have most of the items you need to get started.


You almost certainly have a smart phone, you probably have a tripod of some kind and I know you have a light source in your house!


So go and start and once you have a few shots, feel free to send them to me and I can feature them in ArgonTV magazine.


I hope you enjoyed this video with Hugo Baptista about Light Painting Tools and Light Painting Techniques.




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