How Lighting Lab Can Help The Events Industry – With ArgonTV

How Lighting Lab Can Help The Events Industry – With ArgonTV

How Lighting Lab Can Help The Events Industry With ArgonTV

How Lighting Lab Can Help The Events Industry

With McKenley Hoelmer From Eddy Sound


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How Lighting Lab Can Help The Events Industry


Tim Bennett: Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!


Do you remember the new year’s eve in…


…it was just a few months ago!


It seems like 10 years ago and we were all saying how fantastic 2020 was going to be…


Well 2020 was definitely fantastic, but not in a way we all thought it was going to be…

…and you know less than 60 days later, I was in a lockdown.


The world was starting to go into lockdown and we’re entering into what I think is the biggest shift in human history for a long long time and it’s going to go on, I believe, for another couple of years.


It’s going to be a tough two or three years that’s coming and many companies are going to shut down.


Many companies are struggling right now and don’t know what to do.


In a moment, I’m going to be talking to Mckenley Hoelmer from Eddy Sound, who’s one of those companies who’s not going to shut down, because they’ve shifted into another form of business.


The reason I invited Mckenley onto ArgonTV was because, the goal of ArgonTV is to help share knowledge with the industry, so that we can all survive, not only this time that we’re going through, but we can grow healthy and wealthy in the future.


So in a moment, we’re going to talk to Mckenley, but first if this is your first time here at ArgonTV, beneath this video, there is a little box where you can put your name and your email address and be part of the community.


You will never miss another one of our videos, you will never miss the magazines that we give away and you’ll get to be part of the community and to receive loads of help and information from us and from each other.


So join the community, use the box beneath the video and if you’re on YouTube, just go over to my website, there’s a link and do the same thing.


So… Eddy Sound is a company who has shifted and this is one of the things that we’re all going to have to do in the next couple of years.


In fact ArgonTV came, because of a shift that we had to do.


Everyone’s going online…


We also went online, because basically there’s nothing else to do right now.


So it gives me great pleasure to welcome to ArgonTV…


Mr Mckenley Hoelmer, from Eddy Sound,




Welcome to ArgonTV… how are you?


McKenely Hoelmer: Thank you…


I’m doing as well as anybody can do, I guess… maybe maybe a little bit better, but…


Tim Bennett: Yep… that’s great!


It’s good to hear that some people are doing really really well and you know we’ve been talking over the last few days by Facebook and everything and I started to look into your website and it seems what we need right now is some kind of Business Continuity Plan For Pandemic and you seem to have one…


And we’ll talk about that in a moment, but first maybe you could just introduce yourself to the community, tell us who you are and then also tell us a little bit about Eddy Sound and what you do…


McKenely Hoelmer: Yeah absolutely… as you said my name is Mckenley Holmer, I’m 22 years old, out of Colorado…


I came to Colorado Springs for school, actually four years ago, with no intentions of entering this industry whatsoever… stumbled upon to it through just the college job website.


Worked part time for about three and a half years and then came on full time right at the beginning of 2020…


It was two days away from going on to salary and then my boss laid me off those two days before.


So it was definitely a punch in the gut, because at that point I’d kind of thrown all of my eggs into one basket, as you would say.


But here we are somehow, seven eight months later, still kicking so essentially I… after I decided that I wanted to put out my eggs in this basket, I came to my boss and I was like “look let’s learn something new.


We got all this free time on our hands, let’s let’s learn time coding”, because that was something that we had not kind of ventured off into yet, we wanted to wanted the company to push, but we just hadn’t had the time before.


So he was like, you know what, you go ahead and do that.


Figure it out on your own and have fun with it, because he was off trying to keep the business alive and watching kind of everything, burn right before our eyes.


So about 20 hours a week, 30 hours a week, I would come into our shop into our pre-made sort of Lighting Lab, we call it now, which was… it was originally just designed for internal use, for our own programming and learning and stuff like that.


So I would come in, I would come in starting out a few hours a week and then I bumped up and it kept on going up and up, until eventually, a couple months later I was putting out a time code every two or so weeks and we would flip the rig every two or so weeks after that, to something completely different.


So that’s kind of the infancy of the Lighting Lab, it was designed for our own internal and our own learning and then Matthew Stonebeck, is the owner of Eddy Sound, he’s been the owner of it for 12 years, all the way since since the start.


He’s one of those people you don’t meet often.


He’s one of the most intuitive driven… he’s like what you read about entrepreneurships or entrepreneurs in entrepreneur books, like they’re the those people that work 80 hours a week and they don’t stop they just grind and grind and grind.


So he… after we, after about the first two, three, four weeks, where he was like basically watching everything crumble, he basically collected himself and was like “all right what can we do?”


So he reached out to a local artist that we know, and was like “hey come in here and shoot a music video with us.”


He had this crazy idea of Justin Timberlake with lasers coming down over him, over top of them and he was like, “I want to do that!”


So we did it.


We made the music video.


Made some awesome connections and from there he reached out to photographers and we got some models and photographers into our space, they had a great time.


Then we got more music videos and more photographers and then that transpired into cars and more music videos and all sorts of other crazy stuff, that if you told me, that we’d be in basically neck deep, eight months ago, I would have told you you’re crazy.


Like there’s no way that we would be having these kinds of people in our shop and having these people utilize our space and our tools.


So that, I guess is the the long story short of the last eight months of Eddy Sound.


Tim Bennett: Yeah and I think you must be really happy that you chose this moment to go into this industry.


McKenely Hoelmer: You know it…


Tim Bennett: You could have chosen better timing…


McKenely Hoelmer: You know it’s, we keep on calling it a blessing in disguise, you know because we were on track for our biggest year ever…


We were on track about to start buying video walls and all sorts of other fun stuff and it’s turned into this.


I guess I’ve learned more in the last four or five months even, than I have in the last four years about all this… four or five-fold.


So we’re… and we don’t plan on stopping this kind of, doing this side of the business I guess after Covid.


Tim Bennett: Yeah, it’s actually very interesting… sorry to interrupt you, in the book Think And Grow Rich… I don’t know if you’ve read that… by Napoleon Hill, he talks about, in every element of bad, there’s always an element of good… you just simply have to find it, and I think what you said, is really interesting, there’s a blessing in disguise.


You know there’s two ways you can look at it; one you can just say “my life is over, I give up” and the other one is saying, “I need to find a way to shift into something new!”


I think that once this is all over and I believe that it will one day, all be over, we’ll all go back to normal life, it’s probably going to take a little bit of time, but it’s going to happen at some stage.


I still believe, that what is happening online, which has just been this massive explosion, is going to continue, so everything that we learn now, is going to be beneficial for us and if you think about how much money we’re saving, in not setting up events, not renting hotels, not flying to and you know all the costs that go with it, creates more profitability for the corporation, because you’re in your home base and you can do stuff there and and people can come to you and you can still churn out stuff.


You know for years and years and years we’ve been telling everyone how creative we are… well now’s the time to be creative.


You know anyone can sail a ship in nice water, but when it gets really tough like it is right now, we got to start being creative and start working together.


So one of the reasons I invited you on today, was because you have shifted and I wanted you just to share what you’re doing with your space, so that we can hopefully inspire other people with spaces, to not give up hope and you know come up with new ideas and new things.


So it’s great to have you here.


What was Eddy Sound doing before all of this?


What was your traditional work?


McKenely Hoelmer: So we’re a multi-faceted production company, it’s called Eddy Sound, but we started out with lighting.


Eddy Sound


We found, Matt Stoneback, found out that lighting is what makes money.


You can rent lighting gear and all day long and people will buy it and so we run lighting, audio, backline, we dabble in video, we don’t necessarily like to do video all that much, but we know we’re going to have to at some point anyways.


But on top of that, I mean, one thing that we think sets us apart, is our, I think a lot of people can probably attest to this, but our ability to just, kind of work in whatever environment is kind of thrown at us.


Doesn’t matter what it is, what the client is, we… if they want us to do it, then we do it, we do it with a smile on our faces!


That’s kind of how we run things.


Tim Bennett: Excellent. Well that’s a great intro…


So in a moment we’re going to be talking about Lighting Lab.


We’re going to, I’m going to ask you some questions about what it is and how people can get involved with it…


But before that, we’re just gonna take a quick short break we’ll be back in just one moment!


If Your Customers Can’t See You…..

They Can’t Buy From You…..

Be Seen On ArgonTV



Tim Bennett: Welcome back to ArgonTV.


I am joined by the one and only Mckenley Hoelmer from Eddy Sound.


We are talking about how his company is pivoting and shifting from their traditional business into what they now call Lighting Lab.


So first of all, what is Lighting Lab?


McKenely Hoelmer: So the Lighting Lab is our creative space.


I guess, it’s our experimental fun, but somehow beginning to make money kind of space.


Tim Bennett: And as a space, how big is this space?


McKenely Hoelmer: So the building we’re in, is about 3500 square feet, and approximately a third of that is offices and then the other two thirds of that is warehouse.


The structure itself, takes up probably somewhere about a 20 foot by 35 to 40 foot square feet area.


Tim Bennett: Cool cool! Sounds great.


And just to give you an idea of what Lighting Lab actually looks like… There is Lighting Lab (Tim Pointing To the image Behind him)


This is a photo right behind me and that’s kind of what it is.


Lighting Lab from Eddy Sound


So can people come in and hire this space from you or how does how does that work?


McKenely Hoelmer: So the start of it, it was just our creative space.


Eventually after we started inviting some of these creatives, these photographers and videographers and music videos and stuff like that, we thought to ourselves “hey we could profit off of this maybe and maybe start to break even on some of our building expenses that are just draining us dry right now.”


So we run for a set price with a minimum of two hours and basically with that, they get whatever look is in the Lighting Lab at that time.


Because we do flip it every two, three, four weeks to something completely different.


So they get whatever’s in there and then they get the tech, which is usually me, to run all the lights, to whatever they desire essentially.


And then all the hospitality, the restrooms, water bottles, all that good stuff.


Tim Bennett: Excellent…


Excellent… so can a client come in and like, ask for changes to be made to the way it looks or is that something that that you do yourself?


McKenely Hoelmer: So if it’s a custom, if it’s physically moving fixtures around, like making a whole different rig and set in the back, then we’ll definitely…


We charge a lot more for that, just because it’s a whole other animal that we have to tackle on our end.


Usually it takes us about 12 to 18 hours over one or two days to completely flip the lighting rig over.


A lot of times it’s just me, because my boss is off making actual money for the company.


So it’ll usually take me about two to three days to completely flip over the rig and then… so they can, they get whatever rig is up, but after that they just ask me when they’re there “hey can you throw up this color or these lights” or whatever and I’ll do it for them.


Tim Bennett: Cool and you were talking about Justin Timberlake coming into the property, just to give an idea of like, if someone someone watching this, has got a space that they can, you know do something similar with, what kind of projects have you been doing?


McKenely Hoelmer: So just to clarify, it wasn’t actually Justin Timberlake..


Tim Bennett: Oh okay!


McKenely Hoelmer: Okay! Yeah it was, the idea was inspired by Justin Timberlake, but the…


Tim Bennett: Maybe that will happen soon…


McKenely Hoelmer: Maybe you know, we’re keeping, we’re keeping our fingers crossed… but I’ll pull up some pictures right now


So this video shoot was inspired by Justin Timberlake’s, I believe it was, Man Of The Wild Tour, that he went on, so this artist is Jared Gibson, we’ve known him for a while, he’s local here in Colorado Springs, incredible guy, humble as anything… but basically we had eight lasers up in a circle truss directly above him and we shot them straight down over top of them, for some incredible imagery.



So yeah, we started out with that and then from there the the one thing that we’ve learned, if we learned one thing throughout this entire pandemic situation, is that connection is everything.


If you don’t know how to connect with people, you’re going to struggle, especially in this industry and by this, I’m talking creatively as a whole.


We have branched out into photography, videography, and vehicle photography of all things.


The quality of people that we’ve met has been astonishing.


Like the the skill of these people is incredible.


It’s been a really incredible and also humbling experience to meet and work with a lot of these people.


Because they’re perfectionists.


They’re experts in their own rights.


While we’re here, oh I’m a glorified button pusher.


You know I flash pretty lights, that’s my job description.


These people come in here and they’re legitimate videographers and photographers and all this stuff.


So it’s been really humbling to be around them and all that stuff, but this is kind of the birthplace this music video of the Lighting Lab.


Tim Bennett: Now this is awesome and I think what you just said just now, is very true that the way we’re going to get through this is, by coming together and supporting each other and you know collaborations.


This is exactly why ArgonTV was created, to help connect all of us together, so that you know, I can share what you’re doing with the community, other people can be inspired, you know they can get in touch with you, I’m sure you’ll help them out if they say, you know, “how did you set this up?


What can we do?”


But absolutely connections are one of the most important things and you know ArgonTV is all about connections.


So brilliant!


I see you’ve been doing, as it says music videos, photography studio and generally a creative space.


You were talking about car launch as well yes?



Photographer Russell Klimas Car Toyota Avalon TRD


McKenely Hoelmer: Yeah!


So long story short, there’s a form of photography I guess called light painting, which is essentially just a long exposure photographer, photograph, that is lit I guess segmented in a way.


So another example of light painting would be this.


Our kind of resident in-house light painters, Russell Klimas, he’s here in Colorado Springs, but basically everything you see in this picture here, is one single exposure.


Eddy Sound - Light Painting

Photographer Russell Klimas – Aerialist Hannah Bowlby


There’s no Photoshop, the only kind of editing in it, would be like color retouching and stuff like that.


So with cars, basically you can get these really, kind of picture-like or poster like images that look like they’re like coming out of a calendar.


That look like they’ve been Photoshopped into this space.


So you can essentially do it everywhere, but it’s always cooler with lasers and lights in the background.


So that’s kind of what we’ve transitioned into doing that with.


Tim Bennett: Yeah and that’s cool.


It’s interesting you talk about light painting.


In fact our last interview was with a guy called Hugo Baptista.


McKenely Hoelmer: Yeah I saw him.


Tim Bennett: Yeah… who’s a light painter and he’s doing some incredible stuff.


So it’s great how you can combine all these different things together to make one new project.


I love that.




So you also do music videos, car launches photography, light painting…


I love you saying you’re a button pusher.


It amazes me… it’s amazing because I’ve been in laser since 1989 and it amazes me that I’ve actually managed to survive all this time, just by pushing buttons.


McKenely Hoelmer: Right, that’s all we are!


Eddy Sound - Lasers

Photographer Hien Nguyen – Model Dalena Nguyen


Tim Bennett: Yeah absolutely, and my task was just to make basically make people go wow and give them a, you know, an amazing moment, so they can forget all their crap in their life.


So brilliant.


So what’s the future for Lighting Lab?


Where is it going?


McKenely Hoelmer: So we have every intention of keeping this as a thing in the company, post-pandemic.


Even right now, we are actually starting to pick up some other shows.


We work a lot with the Broadmoor Hotel.


If you’ve heard of it, it’s a five star five diamond here in the springs, so a lot of very high class clients will come there.


So we’re doing a handful of work with them here right now, but we’re not holding our breath for those to stick around I guess.


So basically, as my boss would say, we just gotta keep on aiming for the next thing.


We can’t stay stagnant.


We can’t stay, let our guard down I guess.


Even myself, I hadn’t I’ve been off unemployment for probably about three months now, I’m making a few paychecks here and there you know, but I’m still doing doing stuff.


I’ll call it working, but I’m still here learning / working for 40, 50 hours a week.


Whether it’s trying to perfect my craft or expand our reach or find new connections, stuff like that, so It’s… after covid, we have no intention of stopping this project.


It has been a blast.


It’s been one of them… It’s been more fun than many of the other gigs that we’ve been on.


We’ve met some incredible people, we’re going to meet some incredible people, it’s…


It’s been incredible!


If I could say that word enough.


It’s been such a great experience to have access to something like this.


Eddy Sound - Lighting Lab

The BRKN Music Video – Videographer Gabriel Jacobson


Tim Bennett: But you know I think your attitude to all of this is really amazing and I think it’s really important that you have a good attitude.


You know, we could all slash our wrists and say you know let’s all shut down, but we cannot!


We have to continue.


Our role in life as artists and we are performers and entertainers.


I remember being told by one of my friends…


He used to call me, you know “the greatest entertainer around” and I used to say “I’m not an entertainer” you know, and then one day I realized, actually I am an entertainer.


That is my role in life.


I’m an entertainer and we have to shift… it is our role in life to entertain and create these moments of magic for other people and I think we’re needed more than ever right now.


So I believe that even if the government’s announced that the pandemic was over today, it would take some time for the world to get back to normal.


People will have to get faith in the health systems and you know we’ll still do the social distancing for a while, there’s still people that are going to wear masks, it’s going to take a while to get back to normal.


So I really truly believe that what you just said is true.


That this kind of entertainment, this kind of work, is here to stay and you know, ArgonTV was born out of… we’ve been talking about doing it for a long time.


I was talking about doing it last year you know, let’s start this interview series going and I didn’t because I just didn’t.


Then all of a sudden, I’ve got nothing to do… nothing else to do and I said damn it, we got to do this and even when the pandemic is over, we will continue growing this.


In fact, I’m just actually waiting for to be released to me, so that we can actually do it properly on its own site.


But this (the pandemic) is going to last for a long time.


It’s going to be part of the events industry and I really believe that what you’re doing, is also…


So it’s great to see that you have shifted away from what you were traditionally doing into a new format and a format that is going to be around for a long time.


If you were to to give some tips about how people can get started doing what you’re doing, what’s the first thing that they should do?


McKenely Hoelmer: You can’t be afraid to reach out to people.


You’re gonna miss all the shots you don’t take.


Basically you… it just comes down to sucking up your own pride, shooting a message off to a photographer that you like or a videographer or an artist or a band or whatever, anything and even if you don’t have a space, if you have the tools you bring the tools to them and your skill set to them.


Essentially… I would say the number one thing is knowing how to connect to people and not being afraid to do so and that’s one of the things that a lot of people are and what my boss initially was.


He… there was one the very first photographers he reached out to… he sat on… he wrote out a message and he looked over it a number of times, like a teenager trying to send a text to a girl or something.


Like he was working out, working it up and working it up and he was you know, he was almost like, “you know what, I’m just not going to send it, it’s you know, why would he… why would he want to come here.”


We just looked at each other and we just said “screw it… send it.”


And we sent it and we got some of the, I would say best photographers in the state in our space and taking pictures of, beautiful models in our space, with our lights behind them, like it’s, it’s been it all happened because of that one message.


So the number one thing, I would say, is just shoot your shot.


Don’t be afraid of it.


I mean, we, me myself, i’m gonna start reaching out to a number of bands and people around the country.


The odds of some of them making the trip out here are slim to none and I know that, but best case they come.


An alright case is they at least remember me and remember the company and they’re like “hey we want to shoot a music video.


Let’s hit them up again and see if they’re still alive.”


Worst case, they never even see the email and I move on and that’s the other thing too, is you can’t get stuck, you either can’t get stuck looking prefer for perfection.


So if you put something out say… I’ve been putting out these time codes, we’ve been putting them on our YouTube for the whole seven months or whatever, we have like four or five that are backlogged right now, that I still gotta nag my boss to push out on the YouTube, but you can’t sit around and be… and say “is this is this good enough for me?”


Because at the end of the day, you’re not the one that’s going to be taking that that content in.


Basically you have to say, “is this good enough period?”


As in for the people that are going to watch this and the people that are going to take this in and from there you move on, because you’re not going to get better by staring at the same thing for 5, 10, 15 hours, you have to keep moving.


So looping back, you have to keep going to the next connection, you have to keep searching for that next one that’s gonna hit, because you’ll message a hundred people before the first one says yes, is what it comes down to, so you can’t dwell on what could have been with this one person.


You have to keep on looking ahead towards the next one.


And then I guess the final thing is, just don’t stop.


I mean, it sounds easy, I go… I… to this day, I still go up and down… I’ll have my days where I just sit at home and I’m like “God this is… this is a waste of my time.


This industry is not going to exist in a few years.


Like I should go and expand my skill set somewhere else.”


But in my mind, for me personally, I know I’m going to be okay, because I… I know I can be resourceful in whatever I do.


So when I just think of that, I’m like “well yeah, So I’ll be fine, so let me keep pushing towards this passion that I have and expanding the skill set that I do have.”


So that, if we do make it out on the other side, it’s kind of harsh to say, but a lot of people aren’t and a lot of people already haven’t.


They’re already gone…


So, if I’m sticking out this much longer, I’m just gonna be that extra… I’m one of the few that are still left.


So those are kind of the thoughts that keep me, I guess alive.



Tim Bennett: And yeah… Absolutely, I think this is brilliant and how we met was exactly with what you just said.


You sent me a message on Facebook.


I didn’t know who you were seven or eight days ago.


Never heard of you and here we are now talking, sharing tips and advice, helping out the industry and you did that exactly the same.


You just sent me a Facebook message and said “hello”


And it’s interesting, because when I first started ArgonTV, I was scared shitless to do this, you know, in interviewing these industry leaders.


I thought who the hell’s gonna want to talk to me?


So I started with people I knew.


I’ve been using Pangolin products since 2001 and me and William Benner have had many, many conversations, backwards and forwards, so I reached out to Bill and said “you know, would you be my first guest, because you literally started my career all those years ago?”


And he said “I’d love to.” (See the conversation between William Benner and ArgonTV here)


So you know I started where I was, but one of the things I found amazing, was how many people don’t reply, don’t want to take advantage of it and these are the very ones that are complaining and bitching about how terrible the world is going to be and they don’t reply.


So to be successful now, is actually quite easy.


All you have to do is reply, turn up!


You know, come on ArgonTV, do something new like you did and just send it out to a thousand people.


Someone’s going to reply.


Someone’s going to say, “I like this” and earlier you were talking…


McKenely Hoelmer: I’ll interrupt you here for a second, sorry!


Tim Bennett: Yeah go ahead…



McKenely Hoelmer: In the first like, three or four months when online EDM festivals and DJ sets and stuff like that were… and it’s like they were in their prime, you know, they were really starting to pop up.


We thought like, we have this industrial space, with a full lighting setup, with a rig that’s full ready for an LD and a DJ front and center right there, it’s right there, it… we can see a DJ right in our space and we said and we were like “yeah let’s reach out to some DJ’s.”


So I reached out to about a dozen local DJ’s, in around the state, not a single one replied.


So you would be amazed at how difficult it is to give away free stuff.


We weren’t even asking for payment, we have been doing… that’s the other thing too, we’ve been doing, for the first five, four, five, six months, everything we did was pro-bono.


We didn’t make a single penny off of any of it.


It was the proof of concept and it was the building the relationships, that got us to these paying things.


So now that we’re actually starting to make money off of our space by renting it and renting our services and stuff like that, it’s… it you… have to… it doesn’t… you can’t be focused on the money, you have to do some stuff for free, you have to give up some of your time, some of your effort, but it you have to also know, that it’s going to pay off in the end.


Tim Bennett: Yeah… I think it’s unbelievable and like I see a lot of people on Facebook, within our industry complaining about how badly they’re doing and I send them messages saying, “Hi, I saw your post the other day about, you know, you were really struggling, would you like to feature some of your shows or some of your, you know, whatever it is you’re doing, on ArgonTV, because we have a magazine as well.”


So every month, on the first of the month, I put out a magazine… you’ll be in the next magazine, and they don’t get back to me and I go “what’s the matter with these people?”


So it’s really shocking that, for me, that this happens, but it also means, that for those people who boldly go forward, success is so much easier for us, because there’s so many people who seem to be, who excel in being unsuccessful.


And as I said earlier, your attitude, your attitude is really fantastic.


I like… I could talk to you all day the way you talk, and obviously your boss is similar, the way you talk about him and you know I can see why you’re working together.


So it’s been great having you here, I really appreciate you spending the time sharing what you’re doing.


Beneath this video, I’m gonna put some of your videos, so that people can see, you know, what it is you’re offering and get inspired, but I want to thank you for coming on ArgonTV, sharing your talent, sharing your knowledge, with what you’re doing, so that we can help other people also shift and get through all of this crazy time.


If people want to get in touch with you and need any help or advice or anything, how do they get in touch with you?


What’s the best way?


McKenely Hoelmer: You can hit up under our Lighting Lab page, we have stuff about the runtool down there, though I doubt any of the viewers actually want to rent something, otherwise you can hit me up on my personal instagram…


It’s just @mckenleyhoelmer on instagram or the company’s instagram @eddie.sound because of all the photographers and stuff like, that we’re really active on instagram.


So those are probably the best two places to hit us up first.


Tim Bennett: Brilliant and I’ll put those links in the text, in the description beneath this video as well.


So thank you Mckenley, I want you to know, I appreciate you spending the time here today… you look like you’re a bit cold in that jacket as well… I don’t actually even know where Colorado Springs is…


McKenely Hoelmer: We’re like probably, we’re we’re kind of the mid, the middle of the midwest, right in the rocky mountains, so we’re we’ve been warm for a little bit, we get we have the strangest up and down weather you’ve ever seen.


It’ll be 80 degrees one day and snow the next, so…


Tim Bennett: Amazing and I just thought, I’m actually reading a book right now called, I don’t know if you’ve ever read this book, Who Moved My Cheese, this is a book that’s very fitting for our time.


It’s about four little characters who every day go to eat cheese and then one day there’s no cheese.


The story is what they do, each of those four characters, it’s actually one of the best-selling business books ever… I’ll put a link beneath the video as well to this.


It’s called Who Moved My Cheese and it’s about what people do, when their cheese is moved and right now we’ve all had our cheese moved, there’s no events, no shows going on, so our cheese is all gone and what we do next is what separates the men from the boys.


So it’s a very good book, I recommend that you get it… and read it.


I think there’s also a YouTube video of it as well, but it’s great.


I thought I’d share that with you, because I think it’s very very fitting for the the time that we’re going through right now.


So thank you for being here today and to the audience… thank you very much for being part of ArgonTV.


I really… we really appreciate you and we’re here to help you as much as we possibly can by sharing information and if you need to reach out to any of us, you know, just feel free to connect with us and we’ll see you all again soon on ArgonTV.


So Mckenley, thank you very much for being here it’s been a pleasure having you…


I hope we can keep in touch.


Thank you so much and we’ll see you again on another episode of ArgonTV.


Hope you’ll come back one day…


McKenely Hoelmer: Oh absolutely!


Tim Bennett: All right cool… thanks so much.



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